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Delete AOL Email Account

While it is true that AOL Mail provides unbeatable mailing service. However, at times, a user may want to delete AOL Email Account for some reason. As such, they should first understand all aspects of their choice and then make an informed decision. AOL Mail is available both as free web mail and a paid service with AOL internet plans. Hence, you can easily close the free version from the dashboard of your email account. However, paid users must understand that they cannot delete AOL email account alone. They can do this only by closing the entire AOL account. This means they will lose access to all AOL services including AIM (AOL Instant Messenger). Moreover, your “Contacts” and “Emails” will be permanently deleted after 3 months. In short, you will not be able to recover them after that. aol mail Therefore, it is advised to consider the following pre-requisites before going for this option. Take a backup of important contacts, emails, documents etc. as you will no longer be ab