How to Change AOL Password?

How to Change AOL Password?

AOL Mail is a free web-based service that is protected with a strong and unique password. This password grants you access to various services offered by AOL. It is suggested by AOL to change your password on a regular basis. If you also want to update your password, then you must go through the given guide. Here, all the information about the change in password is given. 

How should your AOL password be?

Password is a string of characters that safeguards your account from illegal access. It is so crucial that you have a password that isn’t easy to guess by everyone. Having long and difficult passwords are not easy to remember. Hence, your password must be strong and at the same time easy for you to remember. Creating a password is a complex job and requires a lot of attention as any mistake might result in the loss of your information. To help you out in the process, we are providing some tips that you must consider while creating a passcode.

  • Your name or any other personal information should not be included. 
  • The use of numbers and special characters is also required.
  • Both small and large caps letters must be there in the password.
  • If you jot down your password, then you must keep it at some safe and secure place.
  • The password for the AOL mail account must be a combination of 8 characters.
  •  You must update your password after a period of time. It protects your password from getting hacked. 
Steps you should Implement to change AOL mail Password
  1. To commence the procedure to change the AOL Mail password, you have to launch an internet browser. You can access any of the browse of your choice. However, using the updates web browser will help you to enjoy a smooth and error-free process. 
  2. Now, proceed to the AOL Login window. The URL for the same is “”. Hence, type in the URL in the address bar. 
  3. On reaching the AOL Mail login window, you have to fill the empty field that is provided on the left-hand side of the screen. In the field, enter the associated username followed by the account security password. 
  4. In the account’s main window, you have to select the “Profile” icon stating your name. 
  5. Clicking so, you will get the account information webpage.
  6. Tap the “Account Security” button from the left-hand panel to modify the password. 
  7. Click the “Change Password” link to step further.
  8. Perhaps you’ll be questioned about your identity. For this, you must tickmark the “I’m not a robot” checkbox followed by hitting the “Continue” tab.
  9. The next window will ask you to update your password by creating a new one. For better security, you must comply with all the password requirements that are mentioned above. Create a new password and enter the same in both the next fields.
  10. Clicking the “Continue” tab will confirm the change you made. 
  11. You will now get a success message on your screen informing you about the updation in your AOL Mail password.  
  12. For an extra layer of security, you might be asked to provide a recovery email. If you are interested, then provide the same in the given field and click “Add”. However, you can leave this step and proceed to your account by clicking “Remind me later”.


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