How AOL Mail Works?


AOL has ever offered e mail service, but only for its paying clients and just through its proprietary, all-purpose pc software package. However, in the spring of 20

05, AOL started its first free web mail assistance, called as AOL Mail.

AOL Mail is different from AOL's traditional e-mail app because it will n't require special software, which is available at no cost to anyone, not simply AOL subscribers. Aol mail, as with other Webmail programs, runs across the Internet with standard Web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etcetera. AOL Mail users only go to, enter their log in information, and begin sending emails.

It is still possible to download AOL's all time online applications and apply the builtin e-mail program (the newest is named AOL Desktop also it's free).

AOL launched AOL Mail as part of its move from the subscriber-based service into some Web portal. From 2005, Yahoo, MSN, and Google had already established themselves as complimentary Internet portal sites where people could catch up on news and get web based email, IM, and calendar programs [origin:

For AOL to compete at the Internet portal , it had to up the ante, therefore it released AIM Mail with 2GB of free storage, a massive number at the time. AOL offers infinite storage space with AOL Mail accounts.

Inside this HowStuffWorks article, we will explain how AOL Mail works, from setting up a merchant accounts into the agency's basic and higher level capabilities. Let's get going.


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